Ghost Phonics

Test version1.4

(A new version of hangman.)

Use the arrows to fly the little ghost left and right to find the phonic sounds you need to guess the target word. Press the space bar to fly in a loop.

If you bump into an object the ghost will try to scare it - but be careful because if you scare the wrong word a bigger ghost will scare the clothes off you!

Can you find all the letters that you need?

And watch out for that pesky crow - he will try to steal your clothes too! (Hint - use the space bar to avoid the crow.)

Levels: word lists from the Oxford Word Lists

Scenes: the farm and the seaside are ready to go


Starter: shows the target word and all the object names, lost items will regenerate.

Easy: shows the object names and lost items will regenerate.

Medium: lost items will regenerate.

Hard: no help!